This is two pool double elimination event.


2022 season on entering events:

All rosters must be on line before entering a tournament.

NO player can be on two rosters. If a player is caught with two players ID’S she will be removed from all rosters and becomes an ineligible player until she goes back as a legit player on one roster. 

All players must be on a roster in order to be a guest payer. 

If a player isn’t own a roster and a team adds her, then she must remain on that roster. Once they ask for a release then that will be the only time that player may be released for the entire season. The parent must go through the state office asking for the release. 

When a player is released she may no longer go to a roster in a lower classification. this is why rosters will be locked to stop coaches from releasing players and we can control this better. 

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