2021 Nominated Players

DateJuly 31, 2021 & August 1, 2021

WhereCeraLand Park (Columbus, IN)

(The park will be charging a gate fee- $10 per person)

JULY 31, 2021

Age Groups: 8U, 10U, 12U will play

AUGUST 1, 2021

Age Groups: 14U, 16U, 18U

Player Info:

  • 1. Each player will wear team uniform to the event
  • 2. Each player must bring all gear needed
  • 3. There will be no practicing before the event. 
  • 4. Suggestion would be to meet at the field one hour prior to first game to find the coaches assigned to you! They will be warming up close to the field that you will be playing on. 

Please check the website to confirm team and game times as we get closer to day of event as people will cancel last minute. 


Also, coaches will continue to be added to the team roster.

Rules for the Coaches:

  1. Bat the entire lineup
  2. The second game, the batting lineup will start where it left off at the end of the first game
  3. Coaches will rotate positions every inning. Allow athletes to play different positions if they would like!

8U All-State Teams

10U All-State Teams



12U All-State Teams

12U-A Teams

12U-B Teams

12U-C Teams

14U All-State Teams

14U- A&B Teams

14U-C Teams

16U & 18U All-State Teams