Dear Coaches

Welcome and thank you for playing Indiana USSSA Fastpitch during the 2019 season. We are excited to have you play with us as we embark on a new and exciting season full of change and growth. There are a lot of exciting new things going on with Indiana USSSA and we want you to be involved.

As many of you know, in June 2017, we opened up our state office in Columbus, Indiana. Starting August 1st, 2018 we will have four full-time employees working to bring you the best USSSA has too offer. Office workers are myself, Tim Foster, my wife, Jennifer Foster, Brian (Bo) Foster, and Meaghan Slack; same faces but we are now able to serve you full time. This will vastly improve our ability to meet your daily needs as our organization continues to grow.

In the same building, we are on target to open our indoor training facility later this fall. Due to our success and growth, we will now be able to offer to hitting and pitching lanes, Bownet hitting stations, an area for agility work, top-quality instructors, and more at a nominal fee. Please contact Tim Foster or Meaghan Slack for more information about our new facility, scheduling, or instructors.

Over the past year, we have been working to expand and are excited to be able to offer new indoor opportunities and even a few outdoor parks as well. Please check out for all tournaments in your area. We also ask that you utilize the online resources we have for you.

Utilizing and growing through social media is one of our 2019 goals, please follow us on social media and share our posts. I would also like for you to encourage your athletes and parents to do the same. USSSA will be working to showcase our athletes and teams through the next year and will be sharing a lot of information regarding promotions and specials from our sponsors. In 2018, Applebee’s ran awesome specials for our parents, during multiple tournaments, and we look to do more promotional work like this in the future.

Following this introduction letter are a few pages of new rules and our normal “Indiana Rules”. I STRONGLY encourage you to take the time to read through each of these pages. We do have some significant rule changes and in order for things to run smoothly, it is critical that you read through each page.

Thank you for playing USSSA and best of luck to your team this season!

(making a difference, one player at a time)

Indiana State Director

Tim Foster


Northern Indiana Director

Brian Knipp


Indiana “C” Director

Jason Kleber


Southern Indiana Director

Trisha Grass


USAES Director

Lorenzo Walker


Office Manager

Jennifer Foster


Marketing & Sales

Meaghan Slack


State Office and Directors

State office number 812-379-9001

Office hours 9am-5pm

Winter hours Mon-Thurs

U-Trippin Sports Academy Hours Monday-Friday 1:00 pm -10 pm Saturday-Sunday 9am-8pm Special holiday hours


  • Guest players must now be done online. No player will be added as a guest player unless they are on a USSSA team.  Guest players must be entered by 3 PM on Friday prior to the start of event.
  • No player will be allowed to sub down in classification.
  • No tinted face shields for any player allowed.
  • All bats must be approved by USSSA with the thumbprint on the bat
  • Change rules for time limits to 65 minutes pool and 75 minutes bracket play.
  • In Tim Foster events there is a pre-paid gate fee for events except for the National event. All other directors are charging a daily or weekend pass. If one game is played for the tournament there will be no refund of the gate fee
  • All teams must be paid in full before being entered on the brackets.
  • Jewelry rule: Girls may now wear earrings and nose piercings as long they are not loops or hanging. Necklaces must be taped down
  • All bats used must be approved by USSSA. The bats that are approved have what we call a thumbprint
  • Coaches are now responsible for legal bats as umpires will no longer check them. If a bat is deemed illegal, then that coach and player will be ejected
  • A courtesy runner will always be a sub first. If no sub, then the furthest removed
  • If new inning starts and first batter is a catcher and she reaches first base and no sub revert to the previous inning to the last batted out
  • All guest player information must be submitted using the online system. Also, all guest players must be submitted online by 3 PM Friday using the new online system.
  • The Ghost bat with the USSSA stamp is the only Ghost to be used.
  • Teams may add up to 3 players to their roster per weekend but not exceed over 11 players that are non-roster players
  • Teams may have 15 players on their online roster
  •  The new point system is now in effect. Teams will get points for how they place in pool play
  • Teams may bat entire line-up at all time if desired, however at any time now a player is removed for an injury and cannot be replaced an out will be recorded in that spot.

Online Rosters

  • All rosters must be online, and all parent/guardian signatures must be completed before your first 2018-2019 Fall tournament 
○ Having an online roster with parent/guardian signatures will be important to us as we work to monitor teams this upcoming season and allow teams to use guest players. 

  • If a player is rostered to a team and wants to be released, it has now become harder to do. The player must provide the following information to the state office for approval. Players jumping from team to team has to stop to allow us to classify teams. 

  • There is a form on the website under forms asking for a release 

  • Checking into events:
  • Teams must have copies of birth certificates and insurance. We will randomly check to make sure they match up to your online roster. 

  • Any team that is checked and does not have birth certificates will not be allowed will be disqualified from the tournament. 

  • All teams must check in 30 minutes prior to the first game time 

  • Insurance should be emailed to the state office to Jennifer Foster at 
jennifer.foster@usssa.come USSSA insurance then we have it. 

Dugout Rules

  • If a player is not on your roster, that player can no longer be in your dugout. 

  • Any player (or non-player) who is under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when 
coaching a base. 

  • Due to liability issues, teams can no longer have bat girls. 

  • One coach can be just outside the entrance of the dugout if team is on defense, for 
the sole purpose of giving pitching signals. Coaches are subject to penalties if 

  •              All teams are responsible for cleaning their dugouts up after each 

  • All Teams must have a First -Aid Kit in their possession.


  • To play in an USSSA event, all teams must be sanctioned with USSSA. 

  • All teams must provide a copy of insurance to the state office. 

  • It is not required, but it is suggested, that teams buy insurance from USSSA. 
Buying USSSA Insurance allows of access to it online and it is easier for us to 
process if there is a claim. 

  • Before your first 2018 event BEGINNING MARCH 1st, ALL teams must input 
their roster online and have completed the parent/guardian signature portion to be eligible for events. 


  • USSSA will have a zero-tolerance policy in reference to vulgar/derogatory language and abusive contact toward any USSSA Personnel, this includes directors, officials, and gate workers or park staff. Coaches are responsible for their fans and players. It is possible for a head coach to be penalized for the actions of a player or fan. Use of vulgar language could result in immediate ejection, without a warning.
  • No tobacco use is allowed on the field of any park and smoking is prohibited within the parks. Then includes outside the dugout. 

  • If a coach or spectator, is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will be ejected from the park. 

  • If a coach is ejected due to tobacco use or alcohol abuse, an official write-up will be filed with the USSSA State Office and the offender will face consequences. 

  • If ejected, the coach must be out of sight and sound of the playing field. 

  • If a coach is ejected from a game for any reason, that coach will not be allowed to 
coach the next game. 

  • If a coach continues to argue after being ejected, they can be removed from the 
facility for the remainder of the tournament. 

  • If infractions are severe, this could result in the team being forfeited from the 

  • Using any illegal equipment will result in player and coach being ejected from the 
tournament. All USSSA bats must be USSSA approved and have the USSSA Thumb Print on the bat. 

Coaches’ Responsibilities

  • Coaches are responsible for keeping parents informed on game times and park rules, which includes the cost of gate fees. 

  • All coaches will be mandated to check in with tournament staff at least 30 minutes prior to their first game time. 

  • Coaches must provide names of their three coaches for the season. 

  • A copy of your players’ birth certificates shall be in your possession at all time.

We will randomly check them at check-in, so you better have them with you.

Gate Fees

Gate Fees are now to be prepaid for Tim Foster’s events all EXCEPT the National Event

  • Coaches’ passes will be different from all other passes and coaches must wear their passes also.
  • Please take note that USSSA runs numerous events throughout the state with different directors each weekend. Each director handles their own financials and pays for their own events to host facilities, so if you have more than one child playing in two different events you will have to pay separately for each event.
  • Prior to the Game
  • Coaches’ must have lineup cards ready when coming to the plate conference. Failure to do so could result in your team being designated “visitors”.

Lineup cards should consist of:

o   Players’ first and last name 

o   Players’ number 

o   Players’ position, if a starter 

o   All team subs should be put on lineup cards as well as their 

o   If you are playing a flex, this player is listed directly after the last 
active batter. Do not skip a line. 

o   The coach that represents your team at the plate conference will be designated to 
be the spokesperson, for your team, during that game. 

o   In pool play, a coin flip will be done to determine home team. 

  •     In bracket play, the higher seed will be the home team. This includes the losers bracket final. The higher seed will then be the team that advanced farthest in winner’s bracket. 

  •     Each team will be allowed four coaches in the dugout, one being a scorekeeper.

Game Rules 

  • Teams may start a game with only eight players and take an out in the ninth spot.

A player can be added if they show up.
○ NOTE – It is not the job of the umpire to track when the 9th batter/out should be recorded, it is the job of the HOME team/official book

  • Teams may bat the entire lineup if desired in both pool and bracket play. 

  • Teams may also use the DP/Flex if desired. 

  • Time limits will be 65 minutes for pool play Finish inning 

  • Time limit for bracket play is 70 minutes Finish inning 

  • Time limits for USAES, WFC. State and National events will be 75 minutes. 

  • State Tournament will be 65 minutes for pool play and 75 minutes for bracket 
plays. We will complete the inning in all games. 

  • Pool play games will be seeded on how teams are placed in the system. 

  • The state tournament will start as early as 10:00 AM Friday. Please do not request 
game times for this tournament. 

  • Run rules are 12 after 3, 10 after 4, and 8 after 5 (EXCEPTION 8U 10 AFTER 4) 

  • The infield will be allowed in the first inning only 

  • No infield after the first inning 

  • Starting pitchers will be allowed 5 pitches to start the game and 3 pitches or one 
minute after that 

  • Coaches are allowed one offensive timeout per inning 

  • Courtesy runners can be used for both the pitcher and catcher 

  • If a courtesy runner is used for both pitcher and catcher in the same inning, then 
the same runner cannot be used for both. 

  • A sub is your courtesy runner first if you have one. 

  • If there are no eligible substitutes, the courtesy runner is now the last completed 

  • Pool play games may end in a tie 

  • If there is a need for the if game- the game will only be 3 innings during the school months.


  • Overall record 

  • Head to head 

  • Defensive runs allowed 

  • Offensive runs scored 

  • Coin flip 

Inclement Weather Rules

In case of inclement weather, we, USSSA, try to do our best to offer the best possible outcome for ALL of our teams and age groups. Ultimately the tournament director has the option to change any format at any time. Please note this major change, we will no longer be able to transfer fees in case of rain. Teams will get a refund. The following are examples of possible format changes: 

  • Reduce the number of games to be played 

  • Reduce time limits 

  • Reduce the number of innings to be played 

  • Drop losers bracket 

  • Can start a batter with any count 

  • Drop dead time limit 

  • Teams will be charged a $50 Admin fee for any cancellations that may occur.

Paying for USSSA tournaments:

  •    Teams can pay with online credit card (we actually encourage this) 

  •    Teams may mail check to the director of the tournament. 

  • If you drop out of an event after the 7 days prior to the event your team will not be issued a refund UNLESS A REPLACEMENT IS FOUND.

Rainout Refund Policy

  • If a tournament is completely washed out, zero games are played, all teams will receive entry fee back minus a $50 admin fee. 

  • 7 Game Guarantee

                       ○ IF five games are played, it will be considered a completed tournament.

                       ○ IF less than 

                       ○ games are played, a percentage of the entry fee will be refunded based on 
the number of games played. 

  • 6 Game Guarantee

                       ○ IF five games are played, it will be considered a completed tournament.

                       ○ IF less than five games are played, a percentage of the entry fee will be 
refunded based on the number of games played. 

  • 5 Game Guarantee

                       ○ IF four games are played, it will be considered a completed tournament.

                       ○ IF less than four games are played, a percentage of the entry fee will be 
refunded based on the number of games played. 

  • 4 Game Guarantee

                       ○ IF three games are played, it will be considered a completed tournament. 

                       ○ IF less than three games are played, a percentage of the entry fee will be 
refunded based on the number of games played. 

  • 3 Game Guarantee

                       ○ IF two games are played, it will be considered a completed tournament.

                       ○ IF less than two games are played, a percentage of the entry fee will be 
refunded based on the number of games played. 
**FUNDS CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER TOURNAMENT** USSSA takes pride in making sure our teams know what is going on during weather delays. We have numerous available options:

  • Rainout line 812-350-3272 for Tim Foster’s Tournaments
  • Indiana USSSA Facebook
  • Indiana USSSA Twitter @InUSSSA
  • Indiana USSSA Instagram @InUSSSA
  • Coaches will receive emails